Eagles' Eyes Set on Conference after Challenging Road Trip Finish

Eagles' Eyes Set on Conference after Challenging Road Trip Finish

By Jon Crossman

MANHATTAN, Kansas – It was a busy weekend for Faith athletics with all four fall teams competing, and the women's volleyball team got the biggest cut of competition with three games on the road. Starting their trip in Kansas City against the Calvary Warriors, the Eagles fought through some stiff opposition in a complete game of five sets, securing the first victory of the weekend before moving on to play Manhattan Christian College Saturday morning. The Eagles couldn't find the right advantage over the Manhattan Christian College Thunder on Saturday, and fell in both matches to round out the road trip with a 1-2 weekend record.

Calvary's game was intense in all five sets, keeping both teams on their toes as each team fought to return the ball to the other side. The Eagles started out with the upper hand, winning the first set (25-18) to unbalance the Warriors' chances of getting the early lead at home. The advantage didn't last for long, as Calvary retaliated to win the second set in a blow-for-blow matchup over the Eagles, winning off the serve (25-23).

Going into the third set, both teams once again battled hungrily for the set advantage, with Calvary winning another close one over Faith (27-25). The Eagles mounted a comeback in the 4th to avoid the defeating blow (25-19) and finished out the game with another narrow set victory (16-14) to get the first match squared away.

Both games at Manhattan resulted in a unanimous Thunder victory over the Eagles, with the ladies losing six straight sets before packing up for the trip back to Ankeny. Although it wasn't the successful finish the team wanted for the trip, coach Lanny Nihart offered the valid point that there's bigger things to think on, such as the upcoming conference tournament, a goal that the Eagles have been preparing for all season through rigorous training and hard-earned playing experience. With time to prepare for the next game, the team is sure to regain their game-time composure, and more importantly keep glorifying God through their sportsmanship and humble attitudes.

The Eagles (7-5) play next at Spurgeon College on October 20th, at 6:00 p.m.